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BBC apologizes after pornographic noises disrupt its live coverage

The BBC recently apologized after a prankster interrupted its live sports coverage with pornographic noises. The incident occurred just before the FA Cup match between between Wolverhampton and Liverpool at Molineux Stadium as the noises from the mobile phone interrupted the broadcast coverage that was presented by former England Striker Gary Lineker. It is believed that the prankster used a mobile phone to disrupt the broadcast from the studio.

The incident caused a lot of embarrassment to both the BBC and Gary Lineker, who was hosting the match at Molinex Stadium. The BBC issued an apology shortly afterwards and promised to take steps to ensure that such an incident does not occur again. This incident serves as a reminder of how important it is for broadcasters to be vigilant about their security measures in order to ensure that their live coverage remains uninterrupted.

A prankster, who is called “Jarvo,” tweeted that he was behind the incident while also posted a video showing him calling on the phone to activate the sounds that disrupted the studio coverage.

Jarvo was recently banned in October from all sporting events within England and Wales for two years after he disrupted a cricket game between England and India in September 2021.


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