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Ganga Vilas Cruise gets stuck in Bihar due to shallow water

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently flagged off the first-ever luxury Ganga Vilas cruise ship on the Ganges in Bihar. On the third day of its journey cruise ship got stuck in Doriganj, a village located near the Sundarbans due to shallow waters.

The shallow waters of the Ganges river posed a challenge for the over 60-metre long cruise ship. Despite multiple attempts to free it from its location, it didn’t move forward and remained stuck.

The incident had caused great concern among the 51 passengers and crew onboard as they were stranded in an unfamiliar place. The local administration was working hard to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for the safety of everyone onboard and for their return to Varanasi.

Upon exchange of information, the SDRF team reached the spot on time and rescued all the tourists by using a small boat.

Ganga Vilas Cruise has lot of features to meet the every necessary and luxurious need of the passenger. It also includes it being capable of a speed of 12KM/Hour in the upstream and 20KM/Hour in the downstream.

The incident has highlighted the importance of deeper waterways and better port infrastructure in India’s rivers.


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